Customer Service: current rates

The district's highest priority is to provide reliable, clean water at reasonable rates. Unfortunately, current drought conditions have forced the district to confront limited water supplies. The following drought rate report has been developed to inform customers about the proposed drought water rates that may be implemented to encourage conservation and help offset the financial deficit created by reduced water sales.

Fees, Charges and Deposits
Notice of Proposed Increases to Retail Water Rates & Public Hearing Date

Retail Water Rates and Charges Effective Jan 1, 2016

Base Charge Uniform
Up to 1" meter $1.24
1 1/2" meter $3.31
2" meter $5.28
3" meter $10.50
4" meter $16.36
6" meter $32.73
8" meter $58.83
10" meter $94.75
12" meter $140.48
Fire District $6.36
Volumetric Rate ($/ccf**) $0.92
       * Daily Base Charge calculated according to number of days in billing cycle.
       ** Uniform volumetric rate per unit of water.

        1 unit= 100 cubic feet=748 gallons

Private Fire Line Rates (if applicable)

Daily Charge ($/day*) Uniform
Up to 4" fire line $0.54
6" fire line $0.81
8" fire line $1.09
10" fire line $1.29

      * Daily Fire Line Charge applies only to customers with private fire lines
         and are calculated based on number of days in billing cycle.