Customer Service: current rates

The District's highest priority is to ensure the delivery of a reliable water supply of the highest quality at reasonable and equitable costs.

On April 12, 2017, the Board of Directors approved a five-year rate structure with the first rate adjustment effective May 1, 2017 in the amount of 8 percent. This adjustment affected the base rate only. The volumetric rate remained unchanged. The rate structure cannot exceed each year’s specified percentage. The Board has committed to reviewing the rates annually, reserving the opportunity to adjust rates downward if warranted.

Fees, Charges and Deposits
Notice of Proposed Increases to Retail Water Rates & Public Hearing Date (2017 Proposition 218 Notice)

Retail Water Rates and Charges Effective May 1, 2017

Meter Size Base Charge Per Day
Up to 1" meter (typical residential meter size) $1.42
1 1/2" meter $3.68
2" meter $5.85
3" meter $10.90
4" meter $18.12
6" meter $36.18
8" meter $57.85
Fire District $7.28

Volumetric rate ($/ccf) $0.92 per ccf
1 unit = 1 ccf = 100 cubic feet = 748 gallons

Understanding Your Billed Charges

Account Activity

Meter Previous
Previous Read
Current Read
Days Units
xxxxxxx 2718 3/9/2017 2765 5/11/2017 63 47

Consumption charge: $43.24
Base charge for service period: $89.46
Total: $132.70

Consumption charge: calculated by multiplying the number of units used by the volumetric rate
(47 units x $0.92 = $43.24).

Base charge: calculated by multiplying your meter size base charge by the number of days in the billing cycle ($1.42 x 63 days = $89.46).

For more information, visit how to read your bill.

Private Fire Line Rates (If applicable)

Fire Line Size Daily Charge ($/day)
Up to 4" fire line $0.58
6" fire line $0.87
8" fire line $1.23
10" fire line $1.47

Daily fire line charge only applies to customers with private fire lines required by CA building code.
Charges are calculated based on number of days in billing cycle. No volumetric rate applies.